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Your medication and supplements personalised, packed and delivered.

Our mission

Backed by science, tailored just for you

At Evia, we believe optimising your health isn't a “one size fits all” kind of thing. That's why we create completely personalised medication and supplement solutions overseen by clinical experts and designed to make your life easier and healthier.

Key Benefits

Feeling good doesn't have to be hard

Evia makes it easy and cuts out the clutter. No more waiting in queues, sorting out pills, or trying to work out which supplements are right for you.

Tailored just for you

Our medication and supplement packs are designed just for you. Our team of clinical experts will oversee your prescription and hand pick only clinically appropriate supplements that your body really needs.

As easy as can be

Revolutionise the way you take medicine and supplements. Our state-of-the-art machinery sorts and packs all your different medication and supplements into easy to use pill pouches which are time stamped. No confusion, no errors.

Expert support at every step

Chat with our friendly clinical experts and pharmacists anytime. They are always on-call to offer advice and support and answer any of your queries.

how it works

Get sorted, right away

Ordering your medication and supplements is as easy as  uploading your script or completing the Evia quiz and clicking order.

step 1

Upload your script or take a quiz

Simply create an Evia profile and upload your script or take our supplement quiz. Have an existing script elsewhere? No problem, we’ll help you quickly move it across.

step 2

Receive your Evia box in no time

Your Evia box will be delivered straight to your door, no more queues and wasted time, no more hassle.

step 3

Let us nudge you

We’ll keep you on track with your script renewals and box reorders. Receive nudges and guidance on easy ways to optimise your health.

what to expect

A month of pouches in a box

Your pouches will arrive in a box, neatly stored in the order you need to take them, so you can simply pull and tear one at a time. Before you take your last pouch another box will be on its way to make sure you’re never without.

who we are

Experts in Medical

Evia is driven by leading figures in the South African medical, pharmaceutical and technology fields, intent on revolutionising patient adherence and taking the confusion out of health and wellness, ultimately improving health outcomes.

frequently asked questions

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